What is GripGo Phone Mount?

The Gripgo phone mount is a new twist on the not so original concept of mobile phone holders. The GripGo allows you to easily mount this device to your automobile’s windshield or dashboard and offers a sticky green gel polymer pad that is supposed to have exceptional holding power without the hassle of adjusting the mount.  Just slap your phone down on the GripGo’s green pad and it will hold your phone.

Gripgo Phone Mount Review

Does GripGo Actually Work?

If you were to reference the GripGo commercial, you would think that the Gripgo actually works. In one scene, the gentleman in the commercial is driving a vehicle at a high rate of speed while holding his GripGo with phone attached out of the window and the phone remained mounted to the Gripgo.  Pretty impactful scene.  If the GripGo can hold your phone while out of your car window, certainly it can more than handle holding your phone while mounted inside your vehicle.

GripGo Reviews

A quick search of the internet shows many reviews of the GripGo where people have said some very negative things about the GripGo itself, being a poor phone mount, and having issues dealing with customer service when ordering from them directly.  Oftentimes it is recommended that you try buying from Amazon.com instead since they have superior customer service.  As we tend to see with a lot of As Seen On TV Products, when you order from the fulfillment companies, the websites and phone numbers listed on the commercials, there tend to be ordering mishaps as vulnerable consumers often times don’t understand the shipping and handling charges, or other unexpected charges that may be in the fine print.   It is typically this confusion that leads people to use words like scam, ripoff, or fraud when reviewing this phone mount. You can avoid all that hassle through Amazon.