In our latest review of seen on TV products, we review Wipe New to the test to see if Wipe New lives up to it’s claims or if it is a total dud.

Wipe New Reviews

What is Wipe New?

Wipe New Review As Seen On TV Products
We’ve all seen this before, cars with unpainted trim and bumpers that fade over time.  This can make a car look like a 10 year old junker even if it’s only a few years old.To fix that, there is Wipe New, a new wipe used to restore plastic trim.  This car wipe is a plastic restore that it brings dull and graying plastic on your car back to original show room condition.

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Wipe New Complaints – Wipe New Scam

Upon initial viewing of the commercial, it seems that this can do a lot for your car from restoring exterior plastic trim, bumpers, and interior trim & upholstery.  Wipe New’s ability to have such a wide assortment of applications made me think that this offer may be a scam and that it is an inferior product.  Beyond the product itself, often times the seen on TV fulfillment companies (such as the one putting Wipe New commercials on TV) are the ones you have to be  worried about for scamming customers.   The order process is purposely confusing and customers can be easily duped into spending more than expected.  It sounds like the latter may be the case: Wipe New Ripoff Report.

Does Wipe New Really Work & Wipe New Effectiveness –

As I mentioned previously, I was questioning how effective this product really is since they market it to be able to do so many things.  If you check the other Wipe New  Reviews, you  get the people who rate it 1 star because they are pissed off that the bottle was so small, but no one actually seems to comment on whether or not Wipe New was effective at what it claimed on it’s commercials.  Then you have the 5-star raters who say Wipe New is amazing at doing everything it claimed and it changed their lives which sound a bit suspect.  If you look in the two to three star range, reviewers had mixed feelings about how effective Wipe New was.  Some claimed that Wipe New worked as advertised, others claimed it didn’t work whatsoever.  Ultimately, it seems that the product is in fact effective and that people are just nitpicking to nitpick.

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Wipe New Customer Reviews

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Wipe New Deal or Dud

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