In our latest review of seen on TV products, we review Wipe New to the test to see if Wipe New lives up to it’s claims or if it is a total dud.

    Wipe New Reviews

    What is Wipe New?

    Wipe New Review As Seen On TV Products
    We’ve all seen this before, cars with unpainted trim and bumpers that fade over time.  This can make a car look like a 10 year old junker even if it’s only a few years old.To fix that, there is Wipe New, a new wipe used to restore plastic trim.  This car wipe is a plastic restore that it brings dull and graying plastic on your car back to original show room condition.

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    Wipe New Complaints – Wipe New Scam

    Upon initial viewing of the commercial, it seems that this can do a lot for your car from restoring exterior plastic trim, bumpers, and interior trim & upholstery.  Wipe New’s ability to have such a wide assortment of applications made me think that this offer may be a scam and that it is an inferior product.  Beyond the product itself, often times the seen on TV fulfillment companies (such as the one putting Wipe New commercials on TV) are the ones you have to be  worried about for scamming customers.   The order process is purposely confusing and customers can be easily duped into spending more than expected.  It sounds like the latter may be the case: Wipe New Ripoff Report.

    Does Wipe New Really Work & Wipe New Effectiveness -

    As I mentioned previously, I was questioning how effective this product really is since they market it to be able to do so many things.  If you check the other Wipe New  Reviews, you  get the people who rate it 1 star because they are pissed off that the bottle was so small, but no one actually seems to comment on whether or not Wipe New was effective at what it claimed on it’s commercials.  Then you have the 5-star raters who say Wipe New is amazing at doing everything it claimed and it changed their lives which sound a bit suspect.  If you look in the two to three star range, reviewers had mixed feelings about how effective Wipe New was.  Some claimed that Wipe New worked as advertised, others claimed it didn’t work whatsoever.  Ultimately, it seems that the product is in fact effective and that people are just nitpicking to nitpick.

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    Wipe New Customer Reviews

    We need your help! This site just launched with the aim to educate and inform people through our resident expert reviews about products we’ve seen on TV and subsequently tried. Often times when seeing infomercials you’ll ask yourself, “Gee, I wonder if Wipe New actually works,” and we are here to remove all doubt. Our reviews of seen on TV products such as Wipe New will help guide your purchase decision on whether or not you think these products would work well for you.

    Wipe New Deal or Dud

    Having just launched, we have a lot of seen on TV products we’d like to review but we’d also like your take. If you’d like to write a review for a product not on this site or if you think you can write a better review for Wipe New we’d love to hear from you. Please go to our Contact page and drop us a line.


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      The Worse...

      Aug 15, 2014 by Sandra

      Don't waste your money! (So poor, I didn't want to put a STAR- but they force you to!)
      This was suppose to be a Father's Day gift for my Dad and what a true disappointment! This product does not work and the customer service people were scripted and not helpful. Regardless to this awful purchase, they didn't try to satisfy me as a customer. Even the Supervisor was just as nonchalant as the previous representative!
      Also, you have to pay to ship the product back, in order to receive your $14.99!
      What happened to customer satisfaction, customer is right, and we stand by our product - we will give you a full refund no questions asked!
      So done with the awful products!
      People...... Write those reviews and help someone else!!!!

      So Far So Good

      Sep 11, 2013 by A Anderson

      First of all I'm not an employee of Wipe New. I have seen that comment on many reviews. Ok we have a '07 Club Car Precedent golf cart that has black plastic trim and I thought this could be something that would definately make the cart look better if it worked, so I decided to try it. Before I did anything I did read the whole paper of instructions as recommended. I cleaned the cart with Windex all purpose cleaner. The next day I put the product on my cart and let it sit to cure like the instructions said. The next day I looked at it and it looked great. Of course there were a few spots that I missed so I figured that I could touch up those spots I missed the next day after it had cured as the instructions said. Between the day I put the first coat on and the next day after it had cured I thought if it worked well I would get more to do our outside handles and mirrors on our '99 Ford dually truck. Sure enough after it cured it looked great so after I finished up the cart I proceeded on to do the truck. I still had some of the product left from doing the cart so I was able to do the handles and mirrors on the truck without opening the new package so as they say in their instructions "a little goes a long ways." So far I am very pleased with the Wipe New product. As for as how long it last I will have to get back to you but so far I would say it was worth the $19.99. With this product you need to READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS before you do it and you have to follow them to a tee. Good luck to all and hope the product works for what you need it to do.

      Wipe New on Miata

      May 13, 2013 by William Tyler

      I just used wipe new on my 1994 Mazda Miata after giving it a good wash job. I used it as directed and I am very impressed. It hasn't looked that good since I brought it 5 years ago. It hasn't been through 100 washes yet so we will have to wait.

      used wipe new today 5/6/13

      May 06, 2013 by carolyn

      Okay for starters, I was reluctant to try this product unless I had known someone who had and see if it really works. Unfortunately I knew no one who had tried the product, so I jumped in and just bought it. I used it today on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee...from front bumper all the way around the sides and back bumper...ohh and the outside mirror housing units too. Before applying Wipe New all that is mentioned above is dull and faded and after wipe new, sad to say, it is still dull and faded! The product does state that another application may be necessary which means I have to go out and purchase another box (1st application took the whole bottle)for another $19.99 at my local CVS store. Not sure I want to toss away another 20 bucks and be double disappointed. Not a New Wipe fan here in Orlando Florida.

      Review of Wipe New

      Mar 17, 2013 by Billy Gilly

      I bought this car wipe and wanted to post a new wipe review detailing my experience with Wipe New.
      The bottle had an ominous warning not to allow the vehicle to get wet for 24 hours after applying so I decided against using it. That warning didn't sit right with me.

      Wipe New surprisingly effective

      Nov 07, 2012 by Alan Karls

      You should feature my review as your review :).

      I tried this out thinking it may be a dud as all the other products like wipe new tend to be but this actually seemed to work better than everything else I\'ve tried. I have yet to see how many washes the protection will last through but so far I\'m pretty happy with the result. Only bad thing is it smells weird, but then again maybe that\'s just me. Wipe New is recommended

      As Seen On TV Product Reviews , USA 2.8 5.0 6 6 Don't waste your money! (So poor, I didn't want to put a STAR- but they force you to!)This was suppose to be a Father's Day gift for my Dad and what a true disappointment! This p