In our latest review of seen on TV products, we put MSA 30X to the test to see if MSA 30X  lives up to it’s claims or if it is a total dud.  

    MSA 30x Reviews

    MSA 30x Best Features:

    MSA 30X TV Product Review

    • Super light, almost about as light as a small hearing aid.
    • MSA 30x can be used on either the right or left ear.
    • Discrete, easy to hide hearing aid, especially given the skin matching tones.
    • Volume adjustment, can amplify up to 30x (hence the name).
    • Unlike other seen on TV products, MSA 30x is FDA tested for quality.
    • RECHARABLE BATTERIES! No need for expensive hearing aid batteries.
    • Great value since it comes with:
      • 2 MSA 30X custom earpieces, a recharging station with room for up to 2 MSA 30x amplifiers, 10 silicone tips, and even a few cleaning brushes to keep the MSA 30x in clean working order.

    MSA 30x criticisms:

    • You get what you pay for – MSA 30x does have a noticeably lower fit and finish than other medical grade hearing aids.
      • You may want to get a few MSA 30x hearing aids if you plan on having a longer term replacement for a hearing aid.

    Best MSA30x Applications:

    • Watching TV, hanging around the house.
    • Your aging parents would love the MSA 30x.

    It’s worth noting that some sites say the MSA 30x is a scam but it really isn’t.  While it doesn’t have the top notch quality of expensive hearing aids, it’s definitely a great cheaper alternative.

    MSA30x Product Website:

    Product Website:

    MSA30x Complaints

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      Bad product

      Jan 13, 2015 by bill

      The charging base is crap...don't buy this item. They company refuses to honor the warranty. Charging base lasted two weeks.

      msa 30x

      Aug 02, 2014 by Katherine Smith

      I bought one device at CVS pharmacy. It worked wonderfully. But, the charging base quit.When I called about it I was told to return it to where I got it and get a refund. I don't know why it would quit working when I unplugged it when I took the ear piece off the charger. The only thing I don't like about the device is I can't use it to hear on the telephone and some sounds are way too loud. I am 30% deft in my left ear and 60% deft in my right. So I thought this would be a lot cheaper than an actual hearing aid. I did see on the papers that came with it that it is NOT meant to replace hearing aids. I can't complain about the device itself because it is doing what I need it to do. Now if I could just get the recharging base to work I could still use the device. I have only had it for 2 months!!

      Too Aggravated

      Apr 17, 2014 by Lisa Cauthon

      I just tried ordering by phone. At the beginning, the automated system said it would be a 5 min process. After 15 mins, I was given me total and it did not match what I had ordered. I finally got a human on the phone and he said I had to call a different phone # to cancel the order. I called that number and was told that I'd have to wait and call back after 24 hours in order to cancel. So far, this has NOT been a pleasant experience. Time will tell what happens w/ my credit card!!


      Mar 28, 2014 by Alan Macullio

      I love this thing! I haven't had any problems with it. I hear like I'm a 20 year old again!


      Feb 20, 2014 by Robert Dyson

      I have seen the negative reviews on the MSA-30XX and don't understand the problems people are having with the device. I had my wife order the devicefor me recently. We were billed correctly, the only qualm being two S&H charges when it comes in one package. As far as the product goes, I'm thrilled. I have tinitus in my left ear so bad that I could not hear anything out of it. I put the MSA-30X on and I hear everything with that ear now. It has truly been a blessing to me. It does fit the ear nicely, and it is light weight. As a matter of fact, it is so comfortable that I have gone to bed with it still in my ear. Thank you makers of MSA-30X for restoring my hearing for me.

      MSA 30X

      Jan 17, 2014 by Deborah Dellinger

      I don't understand all the complaints. The MSA 30X Hearing Device is one of the greatest inventions of all times. Working Great for us ! I live with a 68 yr. old man who has been driving me CRAZY with his hearing problem. He had our new TV turned up so LOUD that it worked on my nerves & my own ears. Every time I tried to have conversation with him, I had to repeat myself over & over & had to raise my voice only to catch "H" from him because I was "yelling & screaming" at him. And then, he couldn't hear any one talking to him on the phone. Well, since he got this MSA 30X, no more of this stuff. The TV is turned down so low that I can hardly hear it. A great invention, works great, & the price is great compared to the the high expensive price of Hearing Aids. And, don't need to be always spending money on batteries; because, this is rechargeable. This item is selling like "Hot Cakes" in our stores & can't keep them in stock. I do highly recommend these to everyone with a hearing problem !


      Dec 03, 2013 by Gayle Moore

      This company is a fraud they double charge their website is a fraud and everyone needs to check their credit and debit cards you are charged double for everything and they will not refund until you return their useless product don't buy this product


      Oct 30, 2013 by LIONEL HOLLAND

      I won't comment on the business practices of the marketer of the msa30x amplifier. Instead, as an audio engineer for more than half a century, and even if I weren't, I can tell those who complain that the product amplifies ALL sounds reaching it, that this is exactly what it's supposed to do, that's what you WANT it to do. You can't tell its microphone to pick up only certain sounds! And even if you could, you might foolishly be cutting-out sounds that would be beneficial to you...such as alarms and sirens and telephone bells.

      MSA30X Hearing Amplifier

      Oct 19, 2013 by Deborah Anderson

      A total waste of $61.55. You can hear nothing but a loud roaring sound even on the lowest setting. I have been robbed. These do not even qualify a 1-Star.

      They will not honor warranty

      Oct 12, 2013 by Marty

      I bought this product 2x mx-30 and received them after one month. One did not work at all. Didn't even charge. I called them and was told that there is only a 30 money back and they said that they would not honor my return or refund my money. It took more then a month to receive them but they still would not accept my request for a replacement or my money back. Don't deal with them because your going to get burned. My credit card company returned the $29.95 to me but not the shipping or tax.
      Also, the one that does work sounds terrible, if there is any back groung noise it drowns out anyone talking. You just hear a lot of static. By the way once you give them your information your going to get called by a lot of other telemarketer company's. Take my advice and stay away from this company it is just not worth the trouble

      As Seen On TV Product Reviews , USA 2.7 5.0 23 23 The charging base is crap...don't buy this item. They company refuses to honor the warranty. Charging base lasted two weeks.