In our latest review of seen on TV products, we put MSA 30X to the test to see if MSA 30X  lives up to it’s claims or if it is a total dud.  

MSA 30x Reviews

MSA 30x Best Features:

MSA 30X TV Product Review

  • Super light, almost about as light as a small hearing aid.
  • MSA 30x can be used on either the right or left ear.
  • Discrete, easy to hide hearing aid, especially given the skin matching tones.
  • Volume adjustment, can amplify up to 30x (hence the name).
  • Unlike other seen on TV products, MSA 30x is FDA tested for quality.
  • RECHARABLE BATTERIES! No need for expensive hearing aid batteries.
  • Great value since it comes with:
    • 2 MSA 30X custom earpieces, a recharging station with room for up to 2 MSA 30x amplifiers, 10 silicone tips, and even a few cleaning brushes to keep the MSA 30x in clean working order.

MSA 30x criticisms:

  • You get what you pay for – MSA 30x does have a noticeably lower fit and finish than other medical grade hearing aids.
    • You may want to get a few MSA 30x hearing aids if you plan on having a longer term replacement for a hearing aid.

Best MSA30x Applications:

  • Watching TV, hanging around the house.
  • Your aging parents would love the MSA 30x.

It’s worth noting that some sites say the MSA 30x is a scam but it really isn’t.  While it doesn’t have the top notch quality of expensive hearing aids, it’s definitely a great cheaper alternative.

MSA30x Product Website:

Product Website:

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