What is Silk’n Flash And Go?

Flash and Go is an at home laser hair removal device used at as a home laser hair removal electrolysis hair removal treatment system for permanently removing body hair.

Flash And Go Reviews
The device is manufactured and marketed by Silk’n and is most commonly referred to as Flash and Go, but also often times seen as Flash & Go, Flash n Go, and sometimes evenly mistakenly referred to ask Silk n Flash.  The more recent models add the word Luxx to the end (ie. Silk’n Flash And Go Luxx, Flash & Go Luxx, etc.) to identify it as the newest model that has a lifetime of flashes from the device rather than having to buy new flash packs cartridges with the previous models.

How does It work?

Reviews online have stated that the device works by utilizing the applicator to blast areas of your body, both large &  small areas, with a special light that permanent removes body hair.

Flash n Go Reviews Versus Flash n Go Luxx Reviews

The major differences between the Flash And Go versus the Flash And Go Luxx is that the newer Luxx model is a lifetime package.

Here is a quick reference

Flash and Go

  • Comes as a starter package
  • Contains 5,000 pulses
  • Requires refill cartridges every 5,000 pulses

Flash and Go Luxx

  • Lifetime Package (120,000 pulses)
  • One Time Purchase, no refills needed

How much does Flash and Go Cost?

Flash and Go reviews on the internet have surfaced that the base Flash And Go has been retailing for $169 on Amazon with the Flash and Go Luxx model costing as high as $298.00 on the Silk’n website.

Who is Flash And Go right for and is it Racist?

If you are black, hispanic, or otherwise have dark skin, this Flash and Go will not work for you; even if you recently went tanning you are out of luck.  Sounds kind of racist but that is the reality of the situation.  When contacted for a comment on the Flash and Go’s racist properties,  Silk’n declined to make a statement.  Flash and Go also discriminates against blondes and the elderly with white hair due to lack of pigment required for the treatment to be effective, nothing personal.

Flash and Go Reviews Around the Internet

Despite my initial reservations about the product, it seems like it’s actually quiet effective, particularly those with fair skin and brunette hair. Users of the Flash and Go report a noticeable reduction in hair after 3 months, so be patient.  Effectiveness was not always the same in all users with some mentioning difficulty with the removal of thicker hair or certain regions being more difficult to remove hair from.

Our Flash and Go Reviews

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