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This Hurrycane review will examine the cane’s overall value as a mobility aid. We will consider its value by evaluating its stability, ease of use, weight and portability. Based on these features and the opinions of actual users we will assess its importance to the community of disabled persons.

The Hurrycane

The Hurrycane

The Hurrycane Mobility Aid Review

The Hurrycane is a mobility aid which has revolutionized the cane. It offers its users the ability to increase their maneuverability over different terrains in varying weather conditions without undue fear of slip and falls. The Hurrycane has several features which gives it extra stability. It is exceptionally portable. It’s light weight and durable construction also makes easier to carry than the average solid wood or metal cane.

Step one of the Hurrycane review: The most distinguishing feature of the Hurrycane is its footing. On the base of the Hurrycane is a StabilStep base with a patented pivoting head. The pivoting head adjusts to provide the user with the same sensation they would feel with the movement of the foot. If the hurricane lands on the corner of a paving stone and a gravel surface, the StabilStep base adjusts provides the traction needed to obtain balance with ease.

Step two of the Hurrycane review: The hurricane is a collapsible cane. Its length can be instantly shortened to fit into a purse, briefcase or glove box. By pulling the cane apart and folding from the bottom up, the user can reduce the size to 11 1/2 inches in seconds and transport in its carrying case or another container. When it’s needed, it’s very easy to transform from a folded cane to its full length. Just pull it out of the container and hold it vertically. It immediately falls into place and becomes usable once more.

Step three of the Hurrycane review: Its shaft is constructed out of anodized aluminum, which gives the cane strength and sturdiness. The process of anodizing increases the thickness of the oxide layer on aluminum, making it a harder metal. Aluminum is one third less dense than other metals; therefore it weighs considerably less than cane made from other metals.

Step four of the Hurrycane review: The most important test is the benefit the Hurrycane brings to actual users. Examining the experiences one owner and user of the Hurrycane, this Hurrycane review will reveal some of its positives and negatives.

Hurrycane Complaints

Purchasers of the Hurrycane noted that “it does fold and self-assemble well” and the specially designed “foot” really does offer stability. Another positive was its that its adjustability was an improvement over the other stiff canes. It also looks nice, not industrial looking like most metal canes. Its black color is also appreciated. The most negative features are the cane does stand easily on carpeted floors by itself and the base has a heavy duty spring in it that makes a friction noise every time it touches the floor.hurrycane-640x340

This Hurrycane review has concluded that the Hurrycane has great overall value. It is a stable cane with a light weight collapsible shaft. With the exception of its inability to stand alone when fully extended and its noisy StabilStep base, it offers the user a great way to increase their mobility. The final word of this Hurrycane review: buy this product.

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