Wraptastic Review, What is Wraptastic?

Wraptastic, the saran wrap cutter as seen on tv is an aftermarket plastic wrap dispenser enclosure that is supposed to make dispensing saran wrap a much more pleasant process.  Pitchman Marc Gill stars in the commercial touting Wraptastic features and why you should buy it.

Wraptastic Review
These features include:

  • Sharp cutting blade that is recessed for safety.
  • Rubber gripper feet.
  • Convenient size. Takes the space of two rolls of plastic wrap.
  • Quick simple operation.
  • The ability to enclose plastic wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper

Wraptastic Reviews Determine, Does Wraptastic Work?

Seeing how quickly and easily Marc Gill is able to wrap things in the Wraptastic commercials really show how effective this plastic wrap enclosure can be.  However,  reviews of Wraptastic have been a mixed bag between the few who say it works effectively and those saying it doesn’t work as advertised.

Common criticisms of the Wraptastic include:

  • Poor cutting performance.
    • Ironic given that they advertise it as having a very sharp blade.
  • Flimsy or cheap construction.
  • Doesn’t stay put while cutting despite the grippy rubber suction feet.
  • Issues fitting rolls into the enclosure.

Personally, I’ve never had any issues with my plastic wrap, wax paper, or aluminum wrap so I don’t feel this product really accomplishes much.  If the grippy rubber feet actually kept the enclosure in place that may be worth some value but to me it feels like this product is the answer to a question no one asked.  The Wraptastic reviews I’ve read make me think that this might be one of those products that might be “nice to have” if it works but not really a necessity.

Have you personally used the Wraptastic or know someone who has?   Tell us all about it.   Do you agree with the features they advertise or is there some merit to the criticism of the product?  Help out the community and share your experience with the Wraptastic. Please let us know by submitting a review below.