In our latest review of seen on TV products, we put Xhose to the test to see if Xhose lives up to it’s claims or if it is a total dud.
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Expanding Miracle Hose Revolution? What is the X-hose? What is the Pocket Hose?

Xhose TV Product Review

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We are here to try before you buy Xhose, pocket hose, and other products as seen on TV.  You’ve probably seen the commercials for the various hoses that accomplish the same thing.   Essentially the product is a hose that is created with various rubbers, plastics, & polymers that allow the hose material to shrink when being stored (without water) and the then expand when the line is charged and being used.  These hoses have gone by numerous names including the X-hose, the Pocket Hose, Miracle Hose, and others.

X-hose Review along with Pocket Hose & Miracle Hose – Expandable Hose Review

Early reports indicate that people are generally surprised with how light and effective the Xhose is, however other reports question the long term durability of the Xhose.  Given the thin, lightweight materials, some have reported the hose rupturing or puncturing under normal use.  Under normal residential use the durability of these lightweight expandable garden hoses shouldn’t be much of an issue; especially if you are using it mostly in the yard and around the garden.  If the hose will be used on harder surfaces such as rocky soil, asphalt, or concrete the hose may be subject to premature wear due to the increased contact with abrasive surfaces.  You can still use the X-hose, the Pocket Hose, or the Miracle hose to expand and retract on these harder surfaces without a problem but you have to assume that the life expectancy of the expandable hoses will be longer when used in the yard.

Dap Hose Xhose Pro Contractor Grade Expanding Hose

The Dap hose claims to be the originally patented design for the Xhose.  Recently, the original Dap hose was upgraded for a contractor grade Xhose Pro.  This Dap hose Xhose Pro upgrades the original hose by replacing the plastic fittings with brass fittings, increasing the diameter of the hose, and upgrading the external cloth covering to be more resistant to ruptures, tears, or rips.

Do you think Xhose is a scam or do you live and die by this new technological advancement in hoses?  If you can’t live without your new Xhose or want to throw it away and demand a refund then we’d love to hear your full review and experience with the Xhose.  Please tell us all about your Xhose experience as an expert reviewer or in the peer review section below.

We need your help! This site just launched with the aim to educate and inform people through our resident expert reviews about products we’ve seen on TV and subsequently tried. Often times when seeing infomercials you’ll ask yourself, “Gee, I wonder if Xhose actually works,” and we are here to remove all doubt about scams.

Our reviews of seen on TV products such as Xhose will help guide your purchase decision on whether or not you think these products would work well for you.

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