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What is Pet Command?

Pet Command is a device that emits a high frequency noise (a frequency too high to be registered by human ear drums) that is used to stop your dog from barking and is also a means by which to train your dog.  Rather than using a shock collar to punish dogs for negative behavior, Pet Command uses the high frequency noise as punishment for bad behavior.

Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Command Collar

Pet Command Review
To avoid confusion, it is worth mentioning that the Pet Command is an entirely different product from the Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Command Collar.  The Pet Command uses high frequency noises and no collar whatsoever, where the Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Command Collar does. Don Sullivan’s Perfect Dog Command Collar isn’t a shock collar but a corrective tool for negative behavior nonetheless.

How Does Pet Command Work?

Pet Command is marketed as a humane alternative to more aggressive punitive training tools such as shock collars or spiked collars.  Rather than physically punishing the dog, the ultra annoying high frequency is supposed to be effective at curbing negative dog behaviors with a range of up to 20 feet.  In addition, the helpful LED lights on the device make it ideal for walking and training your dog at night. Also, the small size of the Pet Command does not make it a burden to carry on long walks.  With the Pet Command you are able to train your dog to stop barking, to be more obedient during walks (ie. not tugging on leash), to stop other negative behaviors, and even teach them tricks.  These features and claims are great and all but does Pet Command really work?

Pet Command Reviews

You might be inclined to predict negative Pet Command reviews since a similar product, the Bark Off, also had negative reviews, with 2 stars on amazon as of this posting.  However, reading closely at other Bark Off reviews, there are many strong reviews where people seemed to find success with this product.  Pet Command Reviews thus far have been few and far in between, given that the product is relatively new.  Initial Pet Command Reviews show that there seems to be more of a problem with logistics rather than with the product itself, with several reviewers complaining the product is in backorder or that it is taking a few weeks to get the Pet Command delivered. Another Pet Command review complained of a lack of clarity in pricing and having his credit card charged more than expected.  Pricing complaints are typically from ignorant consumers that don’t listen carefully or read the fine print so a negative review for Pet Command for these reasons isn’t really a reflection on the quality of the device.

How Much Does Pet Command cost?

Pet Command is currently being advertised as $19.95 plus $6.95 for postage and handling.  If you want the free Pet Zoom brush they are offering with the Pet Command, add another $6.95 for postage and handling. You also have the option to enroll in  “InsureShip” insurance program for a separate $3.99 fee.

Top Ten Dog Training Tips

Having some tips on how to train your dog can make your use of the Pet command particularly effective.  Petfinder has an excellent article with some training advice that should help you get the most for your money with the Pet Command.

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