Does Stream Clean actually work?  We analyze Steam Clean reviews and do our own tests on this seen on TV carpet cleaning product to give you the low-down on how well it works.  Before we get down to our analysis, we first must answer…

What is Stream Clean

Stream Clean Reviews By Marc Gill

TV Loud-mouth, Marc Gill

You may be familiar with Stream Clean from as seen on TV commercials where the lovingly annoying, loud-mouthed pitchman, Marc Gill, screams about how great Stream Clean is at cleaning up pet peeps and poops.  The product claims that all you need to do to clean up after your pet mess is point, spray a stream onto the offending bodily excrement, & the stream blasts the stain away.

Marc Gill goes on to explain that this carpet cleaning product also contains enzymes that get rid stains that other products leave behind, visible by the black light test.  You can see that as Stream Clean is sprayed that the glowing stain fades away to nothing, the stain magically disappears and goes away.

Does Stream Clean Really Work? Stream Clean Reviews

In order to answer this question, we requisitioned a can for 10 bucks (actually it was buy one get one free so we got two cans) and we were ready to put Stream Clean to the test to have more Stream Clean Reviews to analyze.  Our team happened to have a new puppy that was prone to having accidents so it was a very short amount of time before we had the opportunity to test and review Stream Clean.  The puppy excreted approximately 5 ounces of puppy urine onto a low grade carpet (prone to staining) and then the test was set up for Stream Clean.  We let it sit for a few hours before we took the can of Stream Clean and blasted the stain as TV Loud-mouth, Marc Gill, does in  his pitch.  Despite having a fairly good stain in this low quality carpet, the Stream Clean blasted the puppy urine away.  All that was left was a frothy wet spot that we dabbed to clean up.  Using the black light that came with Stream Clean, we confirmed that no stain remained, so it worked!  I should mention that it did require a little rubbing & dabbing to fully get the stain out which the commercial doesn’t show.  But ultimately it did seem to work, just as other Steam Clean reviews had concluded.

 Stream Clean or Professional Carpet Cleaning, Chem Dry, and Carpet Cleaning Machines

Stream Clean reviews show that this certainly has it’s place and serves it’s purpose but how would it compare to professional carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning products, carpet cleaning services like chem dry, dry carpet cleaning, other carpet shampoos, or carpet cleaning rentals? Steam Clean Carpet or something else; what is the best way to clean carpet?

Buy Stream Clean

Stream Clean Reviews have shown that this is probably best left to smaller messes that haven’t been set in.  You may need to call in the big guns like Chem Dry professionals or carpet cleaning machines to get the deepest clean.  But in a pinch, Stream Clean is cheap, versatile, saves time, and is easy to use. I recommend it for your arsenal.

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