San Francisco, July 13, 2016 /PR Wire/ — Niantic, Inc., the leading software development firm of augmented reality mobile games, has joined forces with Google and Apple to offer in-app integration with Waze, the real-time crowdsourced navigation app powered by one of the world’s largest communities of drivers, as well integration with Apple CarPlay, the smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone® in the car.

“We are proud to partner with Google & Apple,” said Fazia Nahas, vice president of product management and technology alliances for Niantic Inc. “We believe this integration is a perfect fit for users that need to marry in-car Pokémon Go gameplay with navigation while also providing the public at large with the benefit of minimizing the dangers associated with simultaneously performing both tasks on a hand held device while operating a motor vehicle.”

“Niantic Inc. was built on the idea of creating interactive mobile experiences that get people out of their homes and engaging with the world around them in new ways. Partnering with Google & Apple is the logical next step in supporting this strategy; by integrating our collective products, we’re adding a new layer of interactivity to the gaming experience where users will now be able to capture Lickitung, Mr.Mine, Voltrob, and other rare Pokémons while driving to work, home, or wherever your daily adventures may take you,” said John Hanke, Vice President, Niantic Inc. Hanke added, “We’ll also be looking at other innovative ways of integrating our gaming platforms with other partners. Currently under way is an initiative to bring Pokémon Go game play to your vehicle’s windshield with a heads-up display integration combined with a motion sensor that would allow the use of body gestures and speech to play the game. You will literally be able to wave your arms around to smack a Pokemon or yell at it while you drive.”

The partnership and integration is the first of many steps in combining powerful technologies that provide users with a new approach to augmented reality gaming efforts in a meaningful and effective way.

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